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Pin Oak Soccer

                 Pin Oak Soccer 2017 - 2018 Season

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Important Dates 

Boys' tryouts-
1st Round, Tuesday, November 14th @ 3:45 on the field, ready to play. Ends at 5:15
2nd Round, Wednesday, November 15th @ 3:45 on the field, ready to play. Ends at 5:15

How to become eligible for tryout:
All tryout candidates must:

- Turn in an athletic's packet
- Complete a physical that is signed by a doctor. The physical must have been performed on May 2017 or later.
- Have proof of insurance by either a private insurance company or, if there is no insurance, bought from the school insurance. School insurance is $35.
- If an athlete has played a prior Pin Oak sport during the fall or tried out for a sport, all of the above information should be on file and on record. Let the coach know who who you are and for which sport. 
- You have to be on the interest meeting list, even if you did not show up for the actual meeting (which is ok). To do this, see one of the coaches.

What to bring for tryouts:
- Be present and be on . If an athlete does not show up for tryouts, they will be automatically cut. 
- Bring soccer equipment. Bring your own ball, cleats, shin guards and comfortable athletic clothes will increase your chances of playing well, showing your skills properly. Although not necessary, students are not required to own soccer equipment. It does however, usually allows players to play better on the grass field. 
- Play your best. Do not think you will automatically be on the team. A bad attitude, lack of effort, apathy, and poor academic grades are a burden to the team. A single player does not win games.  

 What the coaches are looking for:

- A desire to be on a the team. Simply showing up does not prove anything
- The ability to run lengthy periods of time. Soccer is a stamina based sport and being able to continuously run is a sign of a good player. There will be a mile run test.
- The ability to run fast. There will be times that players will have to sprint to a position to win or prevent losing. A player that can sprint well is very important. A pacer test will be initiated right after the mile run.
- Having good ball control. Being able to put the ball in the right spot is key to every game. Drills during tryouts include, passing and running with a ball, long pass drills and goal shots.
- The coaches will be looking for a strong will and aggression in proper defensive tactics. Timid and nervous players will choke and ruin plays in games. Many games will be intense and the opposing teams will be desperate at times and having the ability to control your emotions will overcome any obstacle in life.
- The ability to have fun and treat players with respect and dignity. Having bad energy, getting mad at players and blaming others does not help a situation and As a Pin Oak Athletics representative, you will be upholding an image that shows Pin Oak as a responsible and distinguished school.  

- Good academic grades. If an athlete fails a class during the season, they will be ineligible to play for 3 weeks during the season until the next progress report or report card and they have all passing grades. Being ineligible to play for the team as devastating consequences for the team in moral and performance. It will also represent the team as not putting academics over athletic ability. As an athlete, you take the responsibility of being responsible for having proper grades and being a reliable player.   


Girl's Soccer Coach staff: Coach Biondolilo & Coach Tamez

Boy's Soccer Coach staff: Coach Caraballo